Victorian Era Jewellery Collection

It is hard to forget the Victorian era that gave us the most diverse forms of jewelry to ever exist. Queen Victoria is probably the most famous queen, with a reign of sixty-three years, which are enough to see various fashion trends. Inspired by this infamous queen’s era, we have come up with some aesthetic, vintage designs that are made for royalty. From the romantic period to the late Victorian Period, we have designs inspired from all the various periods of Queen Victoria’s era.

Inspired from the romantic period, we have the famous cluster of diamonds jewelry that has embedded stones which became famous after Prince Albert asked Queen Victoria’s hand in marriage with a serpent ring surrounded by clustered diamonds. The diamond clustered with stones rings are perfect for brides-to-be and her bridesmaid’s. Fit for royalty, the rings look custom made for the Victorian age Queens.

The early happy year’s inspired nature themed, feminine jewelry that often had flowers, hearts, motifs, and leaves. Inspired from this period, we have earrings in various feminine designs; with the most famous being the floral-inspired jewelry. These earrings will not only compliment wedding looks, but also festive looks.

With the death of King Albert, Queen Victoria entered a period of mourning and started endorsing herself in black. Inspired from this period we have earrings and sets that reflect the stylish yet minimal look that the people adopted. With black being the most famous and sophisticated color, we have designed equally eye-pleasing jewelry that will not only make your look more fashionable but also very vintage.

The Aesthetic age is perhaps the most famous one, with jewelry supporting a minimalistic approach and diamonds becoming famous. Inspired by the aesthetic age, we have one-of-kind pieces that will leave you in awe. From earrings embedded with semi-precious stones and diamonds to an all diamond piece, we have jewelry that will complete your evening look, leaving you looking like a queen. These versatile pieces of jewelry will also go perfectly with wedding or festive looks.

It is difficult to find jewelry that has a meaning or a story attached to it. Our Victorian collection does not only have pieces that inspire you, but also jewelry that has a meaning, heritage and cultural value attached to it. This way, you will be showcasing your personality along with your look. After all, no evening look is complete without a Victorian aged jewelry piece!

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